We will be live-streaming Sunday Services at 11am. 

We will be live-streaming Sunday services on Facebook and Youtube at 11am.


"Back to normal!"    

This document will give all the details for attending the services in Church. Although this was prepared for the September 2020 re-opening the advice is still relevant.


See "Letter from Minister".

Sunday 1st  - Service 11 am - available on-line. Live-streaming will be from Cromarty.

Tuesday 3rd - Church Cafe will be re-opening, 1.30pm.

Friday evenings - On-line Prayer meeting linked with Cromarty. Further details from Martin Stringer.

Details of our 'sister' congregation in Cromarty can be found on their website.

Just a reminder that both Cromarty West and the Culbokie Church Centre (space for 28) are open for in-person attendance. If you feel comfortable in a public setting please feel free to attend at either location. We'll be live-streaming from Cromarty West again this Sunday, and we'll begin streaming from Culbokie after the internet upgrade is complete (Trust, me you're not forgotten by any means).

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Click here to access the Facebook page.
Click here to access the Facebook page.

This bell is from the Old Urquhart Church which went out of use in 1792. It was kept in the Urquhart Church until 2005. It has been placed here in the Culbokie Church Centre as a reminder of our previous churches.

April 2012

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