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13 June 2021Prayer Sheet & Notices for 13th June posted

Prayer Sheet & Notices can be found here.

11 June 2021Letter from Minister - with extra update.

Dear CRU Family:

As the day starts, I just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that we'll be celebrating Ellie Young's baptism this Sunday at Cromarty West Church. Although we'll still have to social distance, between the seats in the lower level and the gallery, there should be more the adequate room for anyone that wishes to celebrate this wonderful event with the Youngs and the Mathesons.

I also wanted to highlight that despite the fact that we'll still have to wear our masks, we will be able to sing, and do the responsive elements of the service, aloud this Sunday. Although the music will be pre-recorded, we'll have the lyrics on screen, and we can sing along as if Mairi, Martin, or May were playing live. 

Given our experience over the previous 15-months, both these events are a reason to rejoice, as well as a blessing and a picture of God's care for his church.  

As I mentioned in a previous email, I'd planned on doing services in Culbokie beginning the 20th of this month. At this point we need to postpone that start date because there've been some issues with the transfer of service from BT/Coral to Sky. As a result, it will be an additional 10-14 days before our new line is activated. Because of that, I'll have to continue doing services from Cromarty. 

Admittedly many people will be disappointed, but this is a relatively small inconvenience given the lock downs we've endured over the last 15-months. There are still great opportunities for worship even with this wee set-back. At some point in the near future we will re-start services in Culbokie. Until then you can join the service in Cromarty, or watch the livestream at home or at the Culbokie Church Centre. With a bit of patience this will pass quickly. 

Looking forward to joining you online or in person this Sunday.



10 June 2021Order of Service Sunday 13th June now posted

07 June 2021Recording of Service and Sermon notes for Sunday 6th June now available.

10 May 2021Blythswood Care Events

This link will take you to details of Blythswood Care Events.

25 April 2021Session Clerk's Mullings updated for 25th April

16 April 2021Five hymns posted in {Favourite Carols & Hymns}

"The Servant is King", "Sing, World Sing", "See What a Morning", "Make Way" and "Hymn of Promise".

11 April 2021New page in the menu. "Recommended Prayer List from Presbytery"

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