Mid-week Bible Studies September

We'll be exploring Hebrews, because it very much focuses our attention on Jesus. Rather than a formal study course, the aim will be (especially after the first week) for us to give some thought to each week's passage in advance. Then, when we meet, rather than formal teaching (apart from a brief overview), we can spend more time sharing our impressions from what we've read, and encouraging one another. The aim is then to use what we've learned and shared, as a lead-in to prayer, letting the week's reading shape the way that we pray, and to enjoy God's presence.

While we'll be working our way through Hebrews, each week will be a stand-alone, so if you miss a week, you won't feel left behind.

We'll still be using Zoom, but rather than a fresh code each week, it will be the same one throughout the autumn, but I will email from time to time, and may send out a few notes to help with the reading, but the aim this autumn is more on prayer and participation, not formal study - we need to get back into praying together!

I'd hoped this summer might have seen an improvement in the Covid rate, but clearly not at the moment, and we still need to wear masks when we meet at church. But this doesn't apply if we meet informally with a few friends at home. My suggestion is that rather than stay at home and only meet online, we could form some very small groups and share a screen together - that might be two or three of us, or some of us might manage half a dozen or more, depending on living room space. Can I leave you to sort this out between yourselves - not everyone will want to, but it's something we can work on over the next few weeks and see how it goes.
Carol and I have a reasonable-sized lounge so we can take up to half a dozen, but please let us know if you'd like to join us.

To allow for comings and going, and possibly time for refreshments, I would plan to go live from 7.20, start at 7.30, finish formally at 8.30, and leave Zoom live for a blether over coffee afterwards.

Hope to see you Wednesday

Mike Rattenbury

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