19 June 2022
Thank you messages


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your precious gift of £100.00, which is helping us to bring renewed hope to children living in difficult and dangerous situations – including in six countries affected by brutal conflict.

Your kindness is particularly appreciated at this time, when many of our dedicated supporters are facing their own challenges linked to the cost of living crisis.

Please know that every single thing you do for our mission makes an enormous difference to the children who eat Mary’s Meals, allowing them to gain an education and look to a much brighter future.

Rima, 15, lives in Aleppo. The Syrian city came under siege in 2012, when she was just four years old. Ongoing unrest affects the availability of food, leaving her family – and millions of others – hungry. 

“The food served by Mary’s Meals is making it easier for our families to send us to school because it makes us full and energetic,” Rima says. “I hope to achieve a good education and make good friendships. I want to become an engineer.”

Please help to raise awareness of Mary’s Meals by telling your friends and family about our work. You can find information about our website and social media below.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping us to keep our promise to the hungry children who rely on our nutritious meals.

Yours sincerely

Highland Foodbank

I also received a letter of thanks from Highland Foodbank thanking everyone for our financial support and also our ongoing food bank collections. I have several more boxes of tinned and packed items ready to take to Inverness. We maybe small in number but our generosity is without doubt huge ... and very much appreciated and valued by those who require support at this time.

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